EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Usui Reiki
Elaine Wood, Usui Reiki Master, Certified E.F.T. Coach
                                                                         Inner Peace Energy Therapy, LLC


About Elaine Wood

Western Medicine has much to offer and should be used for medical and mental health issues.  I am a practical person. Use the right tool for the right problem. What I have found in using EFT and Reiki are modalities that benefit the whole person and their subtle body.    We are discovering that we are  both energy and matter. The balancing of our subtle body energy affects our whole being.   I am passionate about helping people feel better by releasing old negative energies and moving forward in their goals. Both Reiki and EFT can be used in conjunction with other Western Medicine treatments.

I have been practicing as an energy professional since 2001.

I studied at the Boston Shiatsu School in Cambridge, Massachusetts with Kikuko Zutro. I am certified as a Zen Shiatsu (Acupressure) Practitioner through the American Organization of Bodywork Therapies of Asia  (AOBTA-C.P.)

I am certified as a Reiki Master Therapist by Uli and Denis Dettling Kalthofer of Arlington Reiki Associates.

I was trained and supervised  in using 48 Clinical EFT Techniques  by Dr. Dawson Church and Jan Watkins.

I am certified as an Intermediate EFT Practitioner through  EFT Universe.