I've worked with many individuals. Here some comments from some people that I have worked with:

Comments about Reiki Sessions with Elaine;

"Elaine is wonderful! I have had both in person and remote (zoom) sessions. I have had excellent experiences with both."

Wanda B., Massachusetts

"I found Elaine to be gifted, attentive, and intuitive. Both in person and distant zoom reiki sessions were powerful and calming!"

Richard B. Massachusetts

"Elaine Wood is a highly skilled Reiki Master and Emotional Freedom Techniques Certified Practitioner. She has supported me with my energy work for several years with high integrity, intuitive energy and professionalism."

Shannon Burrington, Reiki Master, Life Coach and EFT Coach owner of Your Path in Sight, Plymouth, Massachusetts

Other Energy Work


Elaine has a wonderful and compassionate approach. We worked on my relationship issue. With the use of EFT she helped me clear some of my limiting beliefs about love. These beliefs have been holding me back from finding a relationship. In just a few short weeks after our EFT session, I met a wonderful man that I have been dating since. I highly recommend Elaine for any life issue that has left you feeling stuck! Be prepared to be impressed!

Jennifer S, LCSWR”

Sports Performance

“I am a runner. I am interested in working with athletes using EFT, and had tapped on performance issues by myself. Working with Elaine, however, made it easier to get into some deeper issues related to my childhood we tapped on some core issues related to the absence of my father when I was very young. Once the core issues were tapped on, we tapped on my desired time for the 6k course, tapping in and visualizing the time on the race clock: 29:30. (My goal was to get as close to 30 minutes as possible to better my last time in the 6k of 32:02, and my “out of this world” goal was to run 29:30.) On race morning, I did some rounds of tapping similar to what I had done with Elaine. The race went off, but because I ran without my glasses that day, and I never run with a watch, I had no idea how I was running. When I saw the finish line, and was finally able to read the clock, it read 29:30! I actually crossed the finish line in 29:31 (one second later), and just started laughing, mostly saying to myself “of course! “ Even accounting for the different course and the better weather, taking two and a half minutes off a 6k race time is HUGE. And for the skeptics out there, my training was no different than any other year. Thank you, Elaine, for helping me to get into the deeper issues, clear them out, and to laser-focus my energy on running my goal time!

Sharon, A., Esq., New York State”

Weight Issue

“When I began to use EFT with Elaine, I felt it was working well and found Elaine easy and comfortable to work with. I had never tapped remotely, but Elaine walked me through the technology aspect and off we tapped.

By our third session we had gone very deeply in what I was working on (weight issues) and I was brought by Elaine's insightful ability to a realization about myself, as a young child, that I had never looked at before. It was always right in front of me, but the story had always been told with a different perspective and Elaine was able to hear it and facilitate my understanding the story from my little child perspective. It was very freeing!

I feel safe and cared for when I work with Elaine and feel I have power over my weight and other issues in my life. Elaine is highly recommended!

Cecelia B., Massachusetts”

Pain Management

"I worked with Elaine over the telephone using EFT for severe hip pain. I found Elaine very comfortable to work with, patient and she listened well. At the end of our 45-minute session, I was pain free. I highly recommend Elaine!

J. Weeker, Pennsylvania"

Musician Performance Anxiety

"Elaine was great to work with. She is warm, great listener and made me feel very comfortable in tackling a troubling long-term issue with having extreme anxiety before performances. I knew my problem had to do with my critical father, but I couldn't shake it off, even using EFT tapping on myself. In just two sessions, Elaine asked the right questions and approached the problem through my befriending my ten-year old inside myself. The negative imprint of my overly critical father was greatly reduced. I had a gig scheduled in about a week from working with Elaine. I was so much more at ease and was able to enjoy my performance. I've had several people tell me that they thought this was one of my best performances. That's great, but what's better, I am more confident in my ability to perform and am looking forward to my next one. I highly recommend working with Elaine!"

Fran M., Massachusetts